I'm Tired..

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Helloooo.. I won't be blogging for long tonight. I have had a super emotional couple of days and I need rest. Last night at this time, I was crying my eyes out. I was so worried about Jackson and the rest of us too that I didn't sleep that well. I woke up early.. and by lunch time 2 real life miracles happened. I am totally shocked that things worked out the way they did. 

Even though tomorrow will be MUCH better, I have a lot to do. I have a bunch of insurance paperwork to fill out and send in for Jackson.. then I have some shopping to do and I am also suppose to take my phone to the store to get it exchanged because the damn thing won't send or receive text messages. However, I am thinking that won't happen until Saturday or Sunday. I just don't think I will have the time to get all that running done tomorrow. But I'll try. The drive to the phone store is nice so maybe I will try to get it in around lunch time. 

Thank you guys for participating in the blog hop today! It was so much fun. I have the nail polish link up coming up tomorrow so stay tuned for that post tomorrow afternoon sometime. I wish I would have had time to get it done today but time just didn't cooperate with me. 

I hope you had a great Thursday and a even better Friday. 


K Jaggers

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  1. 'hope you're doing okay. those emotional roller coasters, good bad or otherwise can be so exhausting.

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