High 5 for Friday!

Friday, November 23, 2012

1. Scott.. the love of my life.. He is always at the top of any list because he is an amazing husband who I am totally completely in love with. He is my everything and nothing makes me happier than spending yet another holiday together.

2. Thanksgiving Dinner.. it might have been a lot of work but i know my family loved it. I wish the rest of the family could have been here but we had a very special lovely night together.

3. Gabby.. sweet Gabby. We have a houseful of kitty cats but this one has the seniority. She is top cat.. and she is the most timid out of the bunch but we love her just like she is one of our kids.

4. the new coffee pot totally makes kick ass coffee. so happy we got it and love that it matches the kitchen!

5. clean make up brushes.. do you see how many i have? This is a big job but very thankful to have it done! when was the last time you cleaned yours? now is better than never!

Hope you are having a beautiful Friday!

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