Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Pre Thanksgiving to all of you! I hope you are all getting ready for the big day! Around here, we have been shopping most of the day and I just got 

2 pumpkin pies in the oven. They have about 30 minutes to go and then I will start on my granmothers chocolate apron pie. I want all the pies done before tomorrow. That way I can just focus on dinner. I took a lot of help from the store this year.. but my boys won't mind! I took a lot of pictures a long the way that I will get up late tonight sometime. I thought about making a big Thanksgiving dinner before so I could take you guys all through the steps but I just didn't want to have to make 2 meals.. because on Thanksgiving my family expects food.. not a week early! 

I also got a new 

coffee pot today! Husby thought he broke the old one.. so we go buy another.. and then we come home and the old one is working again.. but we decided to keep it anyway. It matches the kitchen.. Its funny.. we bought a big red bowl today too! We had fun out today. I think we were out for 2 hours and then we had to come home and get all the stuff sorted out and put away.. We also bought Jackson a new thing for his fish tank that sucks the goldfish poop out.. YUCK! But we do have to clean the tank a lot so maybe it will help. That's one of our plans for this weekend. We don't have a lot planned except taking the days as they come! 

I wonder how many of you guys are cooking and how many are going as guest to a family dinner. Gosh.. I wish I was going to my family's for dinner where I didn't have to cook! But I am glad about spending the day and evening with my husband, son and nephew and making a meal they love..

I'll be back a little later! 

Happy Thursday! 

K Jaggers

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