Hard Day..

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hey you guys.. Sorry for the lack of posts considering I told you I would be putting up other posts through out the afternoon. Well.. 4pm came and I got the worst headache. I am seriously lucky that I didn't end up in the ER tonight. I took 2 shots.. about 8 Advil.. a bunch of coffee..( caffeine helps ) and numerous bags of ice. Its almost 1am now and I am just starting to feel better. I really should be trying to sleep it off but here I am on my laptop. 

Thank God I am feeling a little bit better. At one point, I seriously thought about driving myself to the hospital. If it wasn't for Jackson and all his homework, I probably would have went. I don't know how we got it done. I'm guessing its all wrong but I plan on going and checking it one more time in just a few minutes. I have no idea what caused the migraine.. none.. I ate breakfast... but I didn't eat again till after 8pm.. so maybe that was it but that's usually ok for me. Who knows.. but it was terrible.

Scott made it home about 8.. and was really tired. I tried to hang out with him as long as I could but I eventually came to bed. It didn't take too long for him to follow either. He had a long day and he's going to have a long week. He can't take my little Jackson to school anymore because he has to leave earlier now. Which TOTALLY SUCKS but I can come home and go back to bed. I worked all day around here and then had a very painful night.. so its going to be an easier day tomorrow. Brandon doesn't work tomorrow so he will be home too. He's quiet.. I probably won't even know hes here most of the day. I will try to catch up on blogging tomorrow! 

But now its time for rest so I wake up feeling much better than I do now. 

Wishing you all a great Tuesday. 


K Jaggers

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