Happy Saturday!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Afternoon to you all! I sure hope you are getting a good start on this Saturday. I have been lazy since about 11am but that's exactly what I wanted. I won't lie.. the kitchen needs cleaned and I have some shopping to do today but I am thinking both of those things will happen later this afternoon. 

I am still in my pjs and laying around the house. Husby needed to run a few errands of his own so he is out and about and probably will be back in an hour or so which gives me a little extra time to lay around. Jackson is pretty much laying around being lazy too... even though.. right now I hear a bunch of thumping around upstairs so I am betting he is jumping on the bed. My little boy is a bed jumper.. which I don't mind that much however he has broke 2 beds so far doing it. Sigh.. Last time he somehow got his mattress sideways and jumped right through the box spring. But now that he has new bunk beds.. he can't jump on his own bed so now its my bed. Lets just hope he doesn't break my bed too.. Now its quiet so maybe hes done!

Well.. I don't have much going on today but I guess I do have to get dressed if I am going shopping! I will be back in a while and get all the pictures up from yesterday later today! 

Have a great weekend! 


K Jaggers

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