Saturday, November 3, 2012

Hello!! Hope you are having a great Friday! Its been calming and relaxing around here for the most part. Husby and I watched a bad movie together and then I spent some of the evening catching up with a old friend. I don't live in Indiana any more but tons of my friends are still there. Our conversation was pretty much about another acquiescence ( lets just call her Angie ) who we all know all too well. Do you know that one person from high school who just didn't care? She didn't care about herself, the many kids she made, or even her own family. She turned to drugs..lost all her teeth.. and on many occasions myself and others would have to pick her children up from those dope houses. It was so sad. Well.. years later, she is still getting arrested and from what I hear back to the drugs. She married an abusive junkie and I guess she could never escape that life. 

You would think she would fight harder. Drugs get a hold people and tear everything that is good away. Its the worse devil.. and God only knows what the kids are going through. They have been evicted over and over and over.. I don't get that kind of life. So as I said, she is back at it and it just reminds me of the life I will never live. No thank you. It also makes me so grateful to have got out of that nasty area and have the life that I dreamed of. Shit.. my life is actually better than what I had dreamed up. Could you imagine being an middle aged crack head? Oh my.. I guess all I can do is say a prayer for her and hope that somehow, she finds her way out. But as many sad drug addicted people are.. she is lying, stealing, and trying to run after a man who is no good. But hey, at least its her life.. not mine. 

While my friend and I were talking, we both agreed that some people never change. They have enjoyed suing everyone that they can to pay their bills and I think they are about to get another payday. Who knows what will happen when that comes around. They probably will end up over dosing or something. Anyway.. I think the lesson of this story is ... 

It was her own decisions that got her where she is and it will be her own decisions that will carry her on. 

Its the same for all of us. Again, it just makes me so thankful that its not me.. not my life.. and hes not my husband.. Instead, I tried to learn the hard lessons as fast as I could and moved on. I haven't been perfect by any means, but I refuse to live a life like that. Most people refuse that life. I got a wonderful husband and just really can't imagine that kind of life. Sad huh? Funny that many states away I am still getting updates about this crazy woman and her lunatic husband. From what I understand there is even a website them. Nuts huh? I guess we all can make whatever kind of websites. I ended the conversations happily that all the crazy people are up north.. away from me! =) 

So as I sit here in my very comfy fluffy bed.. I am even more grateful that my life is amazing. Even my biggest issues are nothing like that. So I am going to keep going on as I am and hope each day is better than the rest.. and I will put Angie in my prayers. However, its up to her to fix her own life. 


K Jaggers

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