Friday, November 23, 2012

Hello Friends

Did you have a great Thanksgiving?? It was nice around here.. I am so blessed with a wonderful husband and family. And even though I wasn't smiling so much on the inside today, my husband kept my spirits up and took my mind off certain things. It was a long day and I feel in bed totally exhausted a little while ago and I hope to really sleep in tomorrow. I feel sorry that Brandon has to get up and go to work tomorrow which sucks for him. I know he really enjoyed dinner too.. he loved the deviled eggs and cranberry sauce. It was a lovely night..

After dinner Scott played video games and then came upstairs and bored me with a terrible movie he got from the redbox. I hate every minute of it but I managed to escape to a hot bath for a few minutes and now the entire house is asleep.. except for me and all the kitty cats. We are creatures of the night around here.

Here was our night..

Its funny.. there is normally always a cat in the picture.. and Gabby was laying down right beside of me.. I really don't think this is really a cat. She's way to smart. She's like a cat genius! =)

Tomorrow Jackson is supposed to go to the Dr at 3pm. I was kinda hoping to reschedule it.. so not sure if we are going or not. I was thinking Scott could maybe take him for me. =) I was hoping to not come out of my pjs all day long!

I also plan on really cleaning out the fish tank tomorrow. Its not going to be an easy job either. Goldfish tanks always have to be cleaned out more. I am also hoping to get husbys help with that too! I going to get as much help from him as I can now because Monday he is back to work. =(

Anyway.. its way past time for me to get to bed and I am going to turn the tv down and snuggle up next to the sexy man right beside of me.

Sweet Dreams

K Jaggers
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