Friday Letters

Friday, November 9, 2012

Dear Scott, Boy.. last night was something huh? Gosh.. I think we both were just so exhausted. Sorry your days at work are not what they use to be. Keep your head up baby.. it will get better. Dear Jackson, You are the cutest ever but it really is time to settle down some.. and do better in school. And your fish tank rocks! Dear Shanna, I love you. You and I are two of a kind that fit together like a hand and glove. It never matters where or when we leave a conversation.. we pick it right back up the next time. SECURITY BREACH.. LMFAO!! Dear Kitty Cats, No one believes that breeding cats is a real job. Nope.. but the work I put in to care for you, clean for you, and play with you really does take up a lot of my extra time. It would be nice if you would stop being so messy at meal time!!! Dear Brittany, sorry I hung up on you last night. I was super tired and grumpy and you being a brat. We will talk later today! Dear Mom, Christmas is coming!!!! I wish you would tell me the name of that smoker you like. You are always so hard to shop for but I'll figure it. You 2 item wish is list needs some work too! Dear House, What the hell? Why haven't you learned to clean yourself at this point??? Right now you look terrible and are expecting me to clean you up.. not right now.. its almost nap time! Dear Brandon, I am so proud of you for getting up and going to work. This is your first full time job and you are doing great! Dear President Obama, I know a lot of people are taking shit right now. I knew you would win. I called that prediction a long time ago. Wonder how it is that little ol me, is more in touch with our country that the Republican party is?? I am very happy you are still there. I think Mitt Romney would have been a disaster and apparently so did God. Dear Grandma, You have no idea how much I miss you. I heard that all of your kids were there and you were hallucinating about me. I loved it when I asked " How'd I look" your answer..." Tired ".. Bless your heart. I love you so much and I think you know it and that love will carry with you to the other side when that time comes - tears - ... You mean a lot to all of us. I'm sorry we don't show it more. Dear Laci, I love you. The hard times in all of our lives is what gives us the wisdom we need to grow, parent, and mature. Just hang in there because better days are ahead. Dear Readers and Giveaway Winners, if you are expecting a package from me.. I mailed off the rest of the items today. I mailed one of the Target beauty bags to Pakistan today! That's exactly what I wanted... someone that couldn't ever get one without winning the giveaway! I think its awesome! Thank you guys for coming back to this blog and sharing our lives. I love hearing from you guys too.. say hi sometime! 

Happy Friday! 

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K Jaggers
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  1. I love these letters.

    Happily following you now from the "friends" hop. I'd so love it if you'd join me at where we're riding the wave of life together, one adventure at a time.

    I wanted to personally invite you too to join me and our beautiful team for An Aloha Affair-- it's a new sort of way of being/ growing together in a more meaningful way and we're truly committed to you having a great experience-- I hope you'll join us... save ya a spot?...



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