Friday Letters

Friday, November 23, 2012

Dear Thanksgiving, You were really nice. All the food was delicious and the company was great.. But Doug lingered in my mind all day long. Speakning of Doug.. Dear Doug, oh my.. what do I say to you. I am sorry its been so long since we have seen each other. I don’ t know what was breaking your heart so much that you had to end it all.. one day before your birthday. I have thought of you many times over the past years and I wish we were closer. I know that you are ok now… with the rest of our family but you will be missed. I have so many memories and flashbacks happening right now and even though we were not so close.. I know I will see you again one day. Until then rest in peace. Dear Brittany, You were so missed last night. I want you to pack your stuff and come to mommys house. I misssssssss you. Dear Scott, Thanks so much for all the help last night. You know how much I love you. Its been a blessing having so much time with you these past few days. Dear Romeo, you are still the coolest cat in the house but little Gypsy is pretty darn cute! I hate to break it to you but she is the one going on the Christmas cards this year. Dear Jackson, I totally loved.. loved.. that you were here this Thanksgiving. You are the sweetest little boy and I am so proud of you. Dear Fall, it seems you are officially over and this weekend, we are breaking out the Christmas tree. Boy, time flys. Dear Florida, Just keep waiting on me.. I will get there as soon as I can. I know we have a love affair with each other but I have got to save some money before I make the big move. Just wait on me. Dear Dad, I hope you where there to bring Doug to the other side. I know it must have broken your heart too, to see him in such despair. Thanksgiving will never been the same without you here. But you were here.. in spirit. I don’t understand why our family just keeps leaving. It almost feels like a curse. I don’t think even you imagined the way things are turning out. I am surprised every day that I am still here. I told you that I would be left alone… well, I guess that’s not true.. I have my mother and she is so loyal and loving to me. I would be totally lost without her. Dear Laci, I hate that you ate Chinese on Thanksgiving.. we seriously have to get closer together so you can always spend the holidays with us! Dear Black Friday Shoppers, enjoy the wild crazy crowds. I just can’t deal with such large crowds and madness. I would rather sit at home and order things online!   Dear Shanna,thank you for knowing how to break bad news to me. You are such a dear friend and really know me well. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.Dear Grandma, I really hate that we can’t talk as much. I hope you kn ow how much you mean to me.. Happy Thanksgiving. Dear Random asshole at the grocery store, Being mean to the cashier was uncalled for. You were the one making things hard not her. Trying being nice when you are wanting someone to do something for you.Dear Cooper,you are fat and lazy tonight from all the leftovers. I hope you had a great Doggie Thanksgiving too. Dear Readers,, I hope you had the most beautiful Thanksgiving ever. You guys have pretty much become my extended family and I am very happy to get to know each one of you. Dear Marie, So sorry about having to put T Bone asleep this past week. I know it had to be one of the hardest things to do but just try to remember all the good loyal years he gave you. Dear Brian,You are a no good piece of shit. I seriously can't stand you.  Dear God, I seriously do not understand some parts of life but I have faith that you know what you are doing. I know you hear my prayers, see my tears and know my heart. Thank you for giving me this beautiful life.

Happy Friday

K Jaggers
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