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Friday, November 23, 2012

Afternoon.. I know many of you are at work today.. which totally sucks. Hopefully the day will fly by for you. I haven't been sleeping that good the past couple of days so I am tired. I woke up tired. I need to try to focus a lot of the day on housework and spending time with Jackson. I have a lot of posts for today already done.. Plus I am working on getting a video up today or tomorrow. I don't have any big weekend plans besides hanging out with my family and getting the Christmas tree put up!

I think Jackson has been a little bored so husby is going to get up and take him to the movies in a little while. I think they are going to see Red Dawn. Jackson has been bored the past few days so I am glad they are getting out to go do something! Anytime he is home for days on end.. he gets cabin fever.. like all kids!

So really fast (Well, I am going to try to make it fast ) I want to address something. For the past week it seems my life has been flooded with people who call themselves Christians.. who also hasn't had any problem telling me what I am doing wrong.. or they will say something like.. " That's not too Christian of you Kisha" Oh.. Wow.. First off.. please don't get offended but I don't consider myself a Christian. Nope. I believe in God, prayer, and the after life but I don't run around preaching to others any of my views or beliefs. Please don't push your views off on me either. And I don't really like being called a Christian. I don't like labels.. and I just don't see myself like that. I am more spiritual that religious and if that bothers you.. I am sorry. I don't get someone saying.. " that's just not very Christian of you;" Ummmm.. I didn't know I was a christian to begin with.. and second..isn't there some rule that Christians are not suppose to judge? Anyway... I am not your average person.. my views are not average.. and I would really appreciate not being labeled. Its just not me!

Anyway.. with that said.. I am going to get up and get things going around here. I have some laundry to toss around and a house to pick up!

I'll be back soon!

K Jaggers

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