Cold Monday..

Monday, November 5, 2012

Oh my gosh.. that quote says it all. It so simple yet so right. I love it. 

So did you wake up to a cold morning. This house gets cold so fast. I woke up this morning and my arms were freezing. So I got up.. got a sweater and a hot cup of coffee and here I am. I am getting ready to start my long list of calls. To top it off, my phone started having issues last night so I have to call the phone company and get another phone sent to me. I might upgrade.. not sure but just another item added to my to do list for today. 

Can you believe tomorrow is election day?? Oh my.. I have been waiting and waiting for this!! Everyone knows at this point I support our President. I feel pretty confident that he will win and when that happens.. I will be dancing around the house! My husband will probably be in the bathroom throwing up but I will be happy happy. New York is getting to vote via email. Gosh.. that should be open to everyone! I would love to be able to vote from my laptop! 

I hope you have a great Monday. I will be back in a little while but I think I am going wonder through this cold house to the laundry room and get it going. My cat got sick on some of my bedding last night when I was in the bath. So I have bedding to wash today too.. and my downs quilt takes forever to dry. So I want to get the clothes done first and then that bedding. It sucks but it was a hairball.. which is normal for a cat. Too freaking bad it was on my bed! So I had to change all the bedding around .. now I have a lot of bedding to wash. YUCK! The high today is suppose to be 60 so I don't think I can hang it out.. but thankfully I only have 1 load of clothes to do. 

Have a great day! I'll be back soon! Stay tuned for the 2 Target Beauty Bag winners today!! Exciting! 


K Jaggers
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