Cold House..

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I freaking HATE the cold... Hate it.. Hate it.. Hate it.. Last night we forgot to turn on the heat on either of the floors and it was so cold in the house around 7am. Every time I would push out one of my arms or a foot outside the covers I just about froze to death. So I finally wrapped all up in my covers, hopped out of my warm bed and went to the thermostat and got it turned up. Everyone was still in bed at that point..then I went right back to my bed and fell back asleep. And I am sure all 3 boys appreciated not waking up to a freezing house!

Scott has took off to run some errands and I don't think he will be back till after 1 or so. At least it gives me a little time to wake up easy. I could have seriously stayed asleep a little longer but I decided to get up so I wouldn't be up all night. I also have shopping to do for Thanksgiving sometime today too. I am thinking it would be better to wait till Scott is back home so he can drive me.

Last night when I was cleaning out this desk last night I found this paper that Brittany had to write out for tearing up one of my books!

Too funny because this is from a couple years ago!

I have no idea why I kept it.. but its now forever in Brittany's box! I bet she takes care of my books now! =) Speaking of little Brittany.. she is sick and I really wish she was here with me, so I can take care of her. Hopefully she starts feeling better soon! 

Besides that.. today should be pretty easy. The house is clean and I am just going to take as much of the day and I do what I want!!

Hope you have a great Tuesday!


K Jaggers

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