Chilly Monday

Monday, November 19, 2012

Good Afternoon friends! 

Hope you all are staying warm on this cool November day. Right now I am sipping a wonderful cup of coffee right in front of the fireplace. I have been up for about an hour and I am still not ready to start my day. Gosh.. getting old sucks. I woke up to my shoulders and hands hurting and it wasn't easy making it down our big stair case. I don't mind one bit getting older  - wiser but I hate the way my body feels. I think I might start doing some Yoga this winter and see if stretching and moving around helps a little bit.  Anyone have any good suggestions for a yoga routine for beginners?  God knows, I have done any kind of workouts in a long while! In fact, last night I had way to many snacks before I fell to bed. I won't even go through my long list of yummy snacks last night but basically I had my entire head in the potato chip bag! 

Well husby is still here with me this week. Before starting his long long work hours he is taking a little time off to recharge before he goes back. Since today is house cleaning day.. I am going to put his ass to work. I think I am going to put him in charge of the laundry. I use to be able to get everything done in 1 hour on Mondays before we moved into this house. Now it takes closer to 2 hours to do the normal routine. If you want to know what routine I am on.. you can check out Flylady and her system. I have used it for over 10 years and when I stay on it .. the house stays in pretty good shape. I do plan on trying to get a flylady post up on here sometime today because there are a ton of great quick tips to get house in order for the holidays. Thanksgiving is just going to be the 4 of us around here. Which is enough considering we are going to have a very busy Christmas. I will be posting our menu for thanksgiving dinner today too.. but its not too different. I am pretty much having a traditional Thanksgiving meal. I am debating just doing it in the kitchen and at the kitchen table instead of the dining room.. just to make it easier. But IDK..I will just have to wait and see! That's part of the reason husby is waiting a few days to go back to work. Its a big week and Jackson is even out of school Wednesday and doesn't go back until Monday. I think Brandon will only be home on Wednesday but its a week where we all are going to be spending time together.. not just today!

Also today you should hop over to Maries blog - Listening rather than Speaking - because she has her planner post up! She is the winner of the day time planner and there is even a small guest post from your's truly!! So happy she got it.. she is just getting it together and I hope it makes her life more organized and manageable!

Well I have things to get started.. I'll be back soon!


K Jaggers
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