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Saturday, November 10, 2012
I can't tell you how busy and tired I have been the last few days. I am going to try to catch up on all those posts I missed over the weekend. I will also try to catch you up on what's been going on around here too! 

Thursday I had a million errands to run. ok....not actually a million but a lot of errands. I started off Thursday pretty easy. Nothing too hard.. and then it started, and didn't end for a couple of days. I took off to run my errands.. I stopped by Walmart, the bank, then I was heading to the dealership when I stopped to check out a pet store I had never been in. 

I ended up buying the biggest most expensive gold fish I had ever got... 

This is our newest President Obama. I know what you guys are probably thinking.. its just because its a black goldfish. That is true..the fish is black.. but he's big.. amazing.. and I love him and we made him president of the fish tank! 

Here is a very fast video I made last night. I did it in the dark but I will do another one in the coming days so show you how pretty it is in the daylight! 

Isn't that fish adorable?? I was so tired last night, you can hear it in my voice.. 

Anyway, back to Thursday.. 

Jackson's teacher called me up and wanted the field trip money brought in. I was kinda in shock.. the field trip is DECEMBER 4th.. and I am getting calls to bring in money!? Hummmmm... I guess they want to be prepared! So I stopped with my errands and drove back towards home..which took about 30 minutes but I got there.. turned in the money and then had a meeting with the teacher. She was telling me that he wasn't feeling too good the past few days and that he was still having trouble remembering to turn in his homework. 

It was 2pm by this point and when I saw him to give him his field trip money, I also had to show him the new fish I got for his tank. He was so excited and asked me to go ahead and take him home.. so thats exactly what I did! 

We got home, put the fish up and then headed back out to run some more errands. 

This time is was back to the court house. 

and he didn't mind going one bit. 

He was having so much fun with the ladies in there..

while they were helping me, my son had no problem telling them that I divorced his dad another very nice dad for him. WOW.. I couldn't freaking believe it. I was standing in a crowed clerks office going over my divorce.. all thanks to my 10 year old! 

We took off to the post office after that where he joked around with the guy helping us.. thankfully this time he didn't say anything embarrassing!! 

Then we had to get some food. 

Jackson picked Dairy Queen 

which we both actually liked a lot.. 

Then we were waiting to pick up Brandon at the dealership so we made another stop at the fish store.. 

we got more fish.. and 

Jackson was trying to talk me into a snake.. NOT.. 

We picked up a cool background and then to the dealership we went... 

We got Brandon picked up.. I won't tell how you big of dumbasses some of the guys around that dealership are. Just glad I am not stuck with their brains!! 

We got home.. Jackson had a massive amount of homework. I still had to run to CVS and a few other places so I let him get started and I took off for some more quick errands and the boys wanted Tacos for dinner.. so I also picked up dinner. 

By time Scott got home, all Jackson had left was math.. and that is husbys department!!

He worked hard on getting it done. I have to say, we are not teachers. Teaching a child math is one of the hardest things. I don't know how the teacher does it. But after about 2 hours the math was done and Jackson was in bed. 

I was so tired at this point but I ended up staying up till 2am talking to a friend.. not good. I ended up waking up Friday morning at 6am. I was so tired. 4 hours sleep is just not enough for me, for anyone. I had made Jackson a Dr. apt after the teacher and I talked so I just kept him at home Friday morning because we had to be at the Dr. @ 9:30. We went to Mickey D's got some breakfast and then played the 

waiting game at the Dr. 

Once we got back there, we didn't have to wait that long. 

Jackson really likes his Dr and he was so helpful. Really nice guy. We got a boy Dr. for him because I think its more likely for Jackson to more safe if its another guy. 

I took Jackson back to school and then I ran even more errands.. 

which included yet another trip to CVS. I came home for a few minutes just to rest and then it was time to head back out to get 

groceries. I would have rather slit my own wrists at this point instead of going shopping. I was so tired and all I wanted to do was go to bed. I was just not in the mood but everyone in my house thought they were starving.. At this point it was 6pm Friday night and my nice button had been turned off. I got all pissed off at this girl in front of me at the check out lane who had her 5 kids running acting so badly.. she was in 6 inch heals, laid her fancy iphone on the little area.. and then whipped out her food stamper card. OMG... I shouldn't have been upset but that just seems wrong to me. Trying to not judge, but its really hard when you see that. Maybe she just lost her job or something but it just didn't seem right. At the same time I had my husband on the phone saying.. did you remember my ice cream?? Shit no.. back out of line and into the freezer section. I was basically a zombie at this point. 

I get home.. and Jackson and I brought them all in. Scott got home from work and the groceries were all strung out on the floor. I had to clean out our terrible frig to make room for the new stuff. I was shocked with how much was in there. That took about an hour.. so we decided since Scott and I were both exhausted that we would hurry up.. get the frig done and got some 

KFC for dinner. I about died because I would have put off going to the store till today if I would have known we were picking up dinner. But I was still very thankful that I didn't have to do anything to feed us last night. 

Also last night husby got me some really pretty 

fall flowers. My friend on facebook pointed out they they are heart shaped! I didn't even notice! Really sweet of him. 

Scott and I decided right away that we were giving up the living room.. heading to bed to watch a movie and that's exactly what we did. I was so tired last night. I have been getting up early everyday.. and today I slept till noon.. THANK GOODNESS! Its 3 pm here and I am in still in my pjs and its perfect. I am taking today easy. I do have some cleaning to do this evening but not in any kind of hurry. 

See these are how we do weekends! 

Just in case you were wondering about why I haven't been posting many instagram pictures.. well I was having phone problems.. have the phone co send me another.. under my warranty.. that phone came in, and then the very next day I upgraded.. and waiting on it to come in. So I am not installing all my normal apps and stuff because I have another phone supposed to be in by Monday or Tuesday. But I couldn't live without instagram and got it up late last night! So at least thats back up and working normal! 

I have a ton of emails to respond to this weekend.. I will be doing that and I am going to work on some posts that I missed out on this week.. including a late Fill in the __ Friday. Stay Tuned.. oh.. and I also have a small haul to share with you too! 

BTW.. my mom got a bran new apple laptop which is calling her blogging laptop last night! She is so excited. It was one of her Christmas gifts from Don.. super nice!! Now she has a hot little pink apple to blog from! So I am sure we will be reading a lot over at her blog! Her links are at the top and in my sidebar so you can feel free to check her out anytime!

Well this is wayyyy to long but I wanted to play catch up! 

Have a great weekend! 

K Jaggers

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