Busy Monday..

Monday, November 26, 2012

Who ever said being a stay at home wife and mother is not a job clearly has not lived in my home. I stay so freaking busy just trying to keep this house up. Today is no different. Somehow the 2nd floor isn't near as bad as the first floor and normally its the opposite.

I will have to admit today has been a little nicer because I am not having to clean around a houseful of boys. They have no problems sitting around watching me clean while they play video games. Scott does help some but he makes a lot of messes too.

I still have at least another hour to go but I needed to sit down and take a break. Jackson just got home with a bunch of homework.. he's got a whole page of crazy math problems that I will probably struggle with! I can't count to save my life.

Scott won't be home till around 8 tonight. I am sure he is going to be tired.. he got up at 630 and have been going every since.. I got a 2 hour nap from 10-12 but he sure didn't. I do have to say, it feels so much better that he is not at that other dealership. The only good thing was is the location but it feels really good that he's not there anymore. I just hope he feels the same!

Well.. I am busy washing bedding and I still have the kitchen to clean up. I leave that to last and clean it while I cook dinner. I really needed to run to the store but I am finding something out of the freezer for dinner. After all this cleaning the last thing I want to go do is shop. That can wait till tomorrow.

I plan on doing more blogging later this evening.. I just want to get the house done first! =) I also having a Monday Movie Review coming up soon too! 

Hope you are having a great Monday. 

K Jaggers

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