Busy Friday!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Hellooooo! I hope you guys had a great Friday! ( Yes.. I am talking about Friday even though today is Saturday! ) I hope you have had a great Saturday too! I normally do a weekend in review post but I am breaking it up some otherwise it would just be wayyyyy toooo long! 

Here is how I spent Friday! 

I woke up to 4 cats in my bed.. But I thought 

Willow cleaning Romeo was so sweet! He just laid here and let her! Too cute! 

I got up and hung out with husby for a little while and then we took off to run some errands. And I just mean a little time because I was only awake for about 30 minutes before we walked out the door.. I left with coffee in hand. 

The first thing we did was 

run to Walgreens. We had a few things to get and I didn't buy any make up! 

Then we headed to Walmart for a few more things.. Our errands were just getting started... 

Next up was a trip to the post office...

The bottom box is Brittanys new phone and the top box is nail polish for the 2nd swap I am participating in. 

The post office was full.. 

We had to wait in line for a little while.. 

but then we were off to get gas and get some food. 

Of course husby was the social butterfly he always is and ended up giving directions to some strange lost guy. 

We needed another copy of our marriage certificate so we took off to the 

Register of Deeds to pick it up.. 

You can see he was in a happy mood.. running all the way to the front door! 

It didn't take long to get what we needed.. 

He just filled out some paperwork.. 

We waited and then got.. 

Our copy and was off to lunch. Some people have doubted that I am married at all.. Yes.. he's legally obligated to be in my bed!!! =) 

Then we took off to have some lunch.. and Newts sounded really good.. 

This is probably one of our favorite restaurants in the city.. and there isn't many! 

Scott enjoyed having a beer..

It was kinda busy for a Friday afternoon. 

Here I am.. 


Scott got some 

mozzarella sticks..

I had this amazing 

steak burger..with both.. sweet potato fries and homemade chips.. YUMMMMMM!!!

It was such a beautiful day.. 

The old court house is so pretty.. 

We came back home for a few minutes..

Willow was enjoying sleeping in.. 

Lucky Bitch.. 

And she didn't even move when I was making the bed sooooo.. 

I just made it under her. 

It was time to renew the tags on our car.. so we headed back out to do that.. 

which was a process to say the least. Its not easy in North Carolina to do anything that has to do with the DMV.. taxes.. court.. etc. It totally sucks here. 

I didn't even cook last night. I just told the boys to find something in the kitchen and thats exactly what they did. 

Scott and I came upstairs pretty early.. about 7pm and vegged out in bed and watched a movie.. 

Poster art for "Savages."

( movie review coming up tomorrow)  

and then when it was over.. we just stayed up here while the boys played video games and watched movies downstairs. 

He then brought the ironing board up and got his clothes ready for next week. I also had a lenthly conversation with my phone company ( post coming up tomorrow about that too ) and we just enjoyed the evening together.. away from everyone. 

Sometime in the late night I came downstairs to get something to drink and saw Gabby looking.. 

like she was ready to take a ride on the skateboard. It was funny.. because I even moved it around and she stayed on! 

I ended the night.. 

comfy on my pillows in my fluffy bed. I was lucky today that I got to sleep in some.. by time I went to sleep last night I was totally exhausted. It was a great day hanging out with Scott. Its really been nice having this time together. I will say.. ( its Saturday night now ) that today was a little more challenging but right now he is laying here beside me watching tv! I have just been grumpy today.. and glad to be ending this night soon. 

I hope you have a great Saturday.. I have really been running behind with the blogging but I have just been busy and or tired! I'm trying to catch up and keep up but not so easy to do for some reason! 


K Jaggers
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  1. Thats the same office you get your divorce papers at too! I just got mine there. haha! If someone doesn't think you are married then screw them. You don't have to prove anything! We love you and know you are Glamorous. I love your blog!


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