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Saturday, November 24, 2012

 Gosh.. what can I say.. I was totally freaking lazy today.. I mean REALLY LAZY! I woke up about 1130 and sat around the better half of the afternoon until Scott, Jackson and I got hungry.. and " we " decided that I would be the one to go.. 

So I slapped on some make up... WTF was I thinking wasting good mascara for a completely non existent kind of day.. but I did.. and out the door I went. 

I guess it is possible one could survive off just Mickey D's.. but we are living proof that you can!!

I got it all.. 

came home and ate.. and then laid on the couch and didn't freaking move.. for HOURS.. I did mess around online.. spent a lot of time on pinterest for a long while.. but it was all from the couch! 

I finally got up.. I wanted to upload my grandfathers picture online so it will be added to the Shelby New paper to honor Veterans. Yes.. my husband was in the military and other family members too.. and I might upload their pictures too but I wanted my grandfathers picture in for sure.. 

Is this not an adorable picture?

I loved that man so much. I miss him so much now. But his spirit lives inside my ♥.. forever. 

Scott and Jackson took off to the movies..which was great because Jackson needed to get out of the house a little.. They watched.. 

It really wasn't my thing.. so I opted to say cozy on the couch while the boys went and enjoyed themselves. Not much happened from that point on..except I moved from the couch to my bed! 

Scott did manage to get me up about 830 to head out to do a little shopping. 

Gosh .. so many choices in just baggies alone! 

I used the excuse ( for NOT cleaning out the fish tank today ) that I didn't have anything to put the fish in.. So while I was out.. I got a bucket.. just for the Jaggers family goldfish.. 

I walked around for about 30 minutes.. filling my little bucket up.. and then fell asleep in the car on the way home. I guess I just had too much turkey yesterday! 

So the night ended.. just as it started .. comfy in my bed. Tonight husby is in the guest room.. SNORNING.. so I guess its a good thing for the extra room. Its not always easy for us to sleep together.. he snores and hogs the bed.. I stay up late.. and hog the covers.. Since we are both sleeping in tomorrow, I figure the separate beds will do us good. 

And I have a bed full of kitty cats.. Here's a quick video.. 

are they not totally adorable!? Gypsy is getting pretty darn cute!

I don't know what tomorrow holds. I think we might have a few errands to run but my ass totally needs to clean out Jackson's gold fish tank. Its really really cloudy right now and I know its going to be a big job. I also want to break out the Christmas tree if I am not yet again.. TOO LAZY! 

I need to clean up the house some but its going to take a lot more motivation to get me to do that this weekend! Husby is heading back to work on Monday.. so I will probably start then. I am going to miss him but we need him back working.. so I guess its the right thing to do but its going to be hard to say goodbye to him. 

So tomorrow is already here.. its 3am.. looks like I am going to be sleeping in! 

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! 

K Jaggers

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