A GREAT Night!!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I think that quote is amazing.. and goes to a couple of recent events.. Of course.. this is E-X-A-C-T-L-Y what I did when it came to Stalker girl.. and thankfully God worked his magic there and I am pretty sure that was happened here.. 

↓ ↓ ↓

Obama Wins

I am not going to rub this in too much! I totally love a good  - I told you so - moment and I am so happy right now. I know many of you are not... and that's ok too. I hope we stay friends anyway! President Obama is speaking now.. I really really like him. In my house, my husband is not the happiest either but I am really hoping that both sides will come together too. I am not a Mitt Romney fan but he did have a very gracious speech tonight.. and that says something. I am sure it was hard to eat that crow.. but as I said on FB.. God has this planned long before any of us voted.

Well tonight was all about the Election.. but my little Jackson brought home his report card. He did pretty darn well. He was 1 point away from getting a 100 in Science.. He had all A's, B's, C's.. and he had a very high D in Social Studies.. What a night to bring that grade home. I told him if he brought a D home, then I would take his tv.. take his games.. and make him study..study.. study.. BUT.. I really put some thought in it before acting. His Science grade was super good. He told me Social Studies was really hard for him. So I took his games away.. and left his tv. Scott and I both discussed it... even Brandon put in his opinion.. and we decided to lighten up on it because of how good he did in everything else. We are meeting with his teacher in the coming days to see what she has to say about that grade so we can get it raised and help him to understand how great our history really is. 

Its almost 2am and I need to get some sleep soon. I know I have been behind on the blogging. I had a really busy long Monday and today Scott was home so my time went to him and all the election coverage. I think I have been watching this non stop since early this afternoon. Hopefully in the coming days I will get back on track! Speaking of blogging let me tell you a conversation I had with my mom.. 

Phone rings.. 

Mom - Kisha I am pissed - 

Me - Why? 

Mom - My blog is gone!! Its gone Kisha... all my post are gone!!!!

Me - Let me check your blog.. hold on.. its there mom. 

Mom - I can't get to any of my posts.. none are there! 

Me - I don't know what you are doing but its there and up. 

Mom - I am so pissed. I can't find any of my posts on my dashboard. 

Me - This is why we all need to move closer to each other.. because I really need to come help you. 

Mom - I don't know what I am going to do.. 

We hang up and guess what? 

She calls me and tells me that she was signed into a different old blogger account!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could have killed her! =) My mom is becoming a hard core blogger!! I love it! But she can be a pain the ass with her new blog! But she's worth every bit of my time. I love you blogging mom...and I love you! 

Sweet Dreams!

K Jaggers
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