A Day of Blessings!!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Look who was at home with me today!!! I'm serious.. I am totally in love with this man. How did I get so lucky and blessed??  Can you tell he is much happier right now!? Getting away from that job of his really made all the difference. Everyone is dying to know where he is working now.. He's taking a few days off and then maybe I will tell. He had been interviewing at different places for over a month now.. if that tells you anything. But again.. today he was all smiles! I was happy happy to be able to spend some time with him. He put in so many hours.. that it was time to just a blessing that he got out of there when he did. I was worried he was going to get so stressed out and have a heart attack. He is one of the most loyal hard working people on this planet and he really wasn't appreciated. I think they will end up missing him a lot in the future. And I also think they will loose money without him there but that's there problem now. My problem is dealing with a messy husband who has been home for a few days! It would be nice if he could actually get the clothes in the laundry basket.. not beside it! But its totally worth having him here for a few days! 

Speaking of today.. I guess it was magazine day in the mail! 

I get a ton of magazines and I didn't have to pay for any of them! I am always posting these magazine freebies so be sure to come back often so you can get them too! I get others too..O magazine.. Rachael Ray.. Newsweek.. ALL FREE!! 

It was also 

cookie dough pick up! Jackson didn't sell a lot but we are happy because we got 3 of them for ourselves. Some of these have to go to the dealership that he use to work at. I seriously wanted to him to tell anyone who ordered any, including his boss.. could come here to get it if they wanted it. But he is much nicer than I am.. He's taking it to them himself tomorrow. He doesn't have ill feelings about leaving that place but I have ill feelings about how they treated him for months on end that made him want to leave. Again.. hes a better person than I am. 

He even got busy around the yard today.. 

and cleaned up the front porch a little bit! 

He stayed out there for a while and then 

it was time for him to come in and time for me to cook dinner! 

 I ended up cutting a ton of potatoes.. We just had the normal smoked sausage and potato one pot meal.. I showed it to you guys a ton of times.. Its a great meal for a night I didn't want to spend too much time in the kitchen.. 

We had things to do!! 

 Brandon got busy teaching my little Jackson how to play chess.. 

which I am betting wasn't too easy! 

But Jackson loved it! 

 Look here.. Super Cooper 

even looked happy that husby was home! 

Scott also got busy 

cleaning the gold fish tank out. Goldfish need their water cleaned often and I am glad husby got that job done. However, he grabbed a good pot of mine to scoop the water out and guess what that man did? He got done and tried putting the pot back in the cabinet WITHOUT WASHING IT. WTF SCOTT!!?? Thank God I was there to see it and make him wash it otherwise we might have ate some fish poop.. Oh my. 

After dinner we had some family with just some music playing.. 

Brandon loved on my big furry baby!

Romeo is freaking amazing. 

Just look at that face! 


Jackson wanted to play yet another game.. 


This time it was a different game!!

And he learned in 1 game 

that his mom kicks ass at battleship! 

It wasn't long before Jackson was in bed and Scott and I vegged out to watch some tv together. I got busy blogging and he worked on emails. We were both in bed.. on laptops.. and it suited us perfectly! 

Well its late.. as you can see.. my day was pretty good.. Hope the same for you guys! Thank you so much for all the kind comments.. speaking of comments the little pictures by them are not showing up right now.. I am hoping to get it fixed..I tried everything.. its not my blog its the silly widget! Anyway.. I love you guys. I have made some great friends blogging and I am excited to get to know each one of you better in the future! 

Tomorrow I don't have any big plans except doing some menu planning and working on a grocery list. I need to go tomorrow or by Saturday at the latest. 

Well.. I think I am going to go join my husband in the shower.. its 2am and I just heard him get in.. and then I am off to bed! 

Sweet Dreams

K Jaggers

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