A belated.. Fill in the __ Friday!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Sorry for running so late with everything but I think late is better than never so here we go! 

1.  I like
that my husband says I am his biggest addiction! I thought that was an amazing Scott quote. We might bicker here and there but somehow we managed to stay completely in l♥ve over for almost 10 years now. As each day passes, we get to know each other more and more. Hes the greatest love of my life. 

2.  A life goal of mine is


to make as many good memories as I can. I ALWAYS say.. the only thing any of us can take to the other side, is our love and our memories. So I want to create not only great memories for myself but great memories for my children and family too. I wish more people would understand this.. and focus more of their time on trying to create great memories instead of focusing on the negative.

3.  The last thing you would ever expect me to like 

Sports and War movies. I love Act of Valor and Tears of the Sun.. and why is it that sports movies are always better than the actual sports.. Rocky is one of them.. because I would never just watch a boxing match. Hoosiers was a good movie.. and I never watch basketball. And Any given Sunday was a great movie , yet I don't ever watch football. Hummm...

4. Some wise words that I love are

Couldn't have said it better myself!

5. Most mornings you will find me


in my bed with my coffee.. laptop and maybe a small breakfast watching the news. I use to come to the living room every morning but I found why get out of the bed if I don't have to! 

6. Right now I am super into


warm cozy socks. Our house is big and to me there always seems to be a draft of cold air coming through some place. I hate cold feet or cold hands so yea.. cozy socks are the best! 
7.  Right now I am super over

all the Obama haters crying because Romney won the election. 

Let me as clear as I can.. Romney ran for President 2 times.. and lost BOTH times. So I think the message is clear that the majority of the people don't want him for the job. I personally think God decided this long before we voted but its time to stop bitching about it. The Republican party on a whole has become way to extreme. Our country is evolving.. changing.. and growing and you have to be willing to change with it. Maybe in 4 years they can get their acts together and find a better suited person because Mitt Romney wasn't it. 

Happy Weekend! 


K Jaggers
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