Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Well tomorrow Jackson goes back to school. On one hand I am very happy to have the house to myself tomorrow but on the other hand that damn alarm of mine is going to be going off in the morning and it sucks! Gosh I hate mornings so much. This morning I was such a grump that I barely would speak to anyone. I just don't have a lot to say at 7am.  I might mumble a little bit but I am not one for conversation that early! 

I haven't been feeling that good today but I am happy to say all that damn laundry is done but it won't be long till its piled back up. Hopefully I will keep up with it but it has a way of creeping up on me all at one time. I do have Brandons laundry to dry and fold tomorrow but I am so happy to be getting caught up! 

It took a lot to get me motivated today. I was sleepy and cold most of the day. The winds were insane. I didn't go out once till after husby was home. Jackson checked the mail for me.. and let the dog in and out and I stayed inside! The weather is still showing rain.. snow.. wind.. and I seriously need to go to the grocery store.. but you never know.. I might find a way to stay inside again! 

Like I said.. not feeling well. =( So I am off to bed! 

Sweet Dreams

K Jaggers

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  1. I hate losing sleep or having a lack of sleep. :(


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