Tuesday Inspiration..

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Its a very " messy " day. I don't know if its going to change from rain to snow in the next few hours but 

if that happens.. I won't be awake to see it. Even though I am sitting here sipping on my coffee in my bed.. I have no plans of staying awake. Nope..its too cold to do anything but lite a fire and doze off for a few more hours! I feel so sorry for you guys who have to get out and be in the cold wet weather. Just bundle up and be safe. 

I hope you guys up in New York and on the east coast are also staying safe. We are on the east coast but thankfully that storm system is above us.. but we will feel a lot of the effects but its not anything like whats going on up north. I will keep you guys in my prayers. ♥

Today husby is working because its the end of the month.. the house is quiet and calm so today I am going to work more in the living room. I really want to clean it up well.. ceiling to floor. And then move on to the next area. Again I am using Flylady and her system to get the house back in order. Some kind of shift happened last week.. everything got worse..we couldn't catch up. It just became too much. I hate that feeling and I hate a messy house. I don't expect for things to be perfect but I do expect them better. So I am getting it cleaned up around here and trying to keep it that way!

Also today I am going to try to film my October Favorites and October Freebies videos. Don't know if I will get both done or not but I will sure try! 

I'll be back a little later! 

Happy Tuesday


K Jaggers

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  1. Yes, sometimes I have to play catch up with my house too! Stay safe, been thinking about all you guys up North from us. New follower from the mingle, would love a follow back.



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