Friday, October 26, 2012

Love that picture! I have bought some witches hat for all the cats and I am going to do my best to get a photo soon but I doubt it will be that easy! We might try it this weekend! I think its going to have to be a group effort to get it done! 

So how was your Thursday? Around here things seemed really busy and the day flew by. I'm serious.. I looked at the clock once and it was 4pm.. then again and it was 8pm.. and now its 1am and I just can't figure where the time has went. Maybe it has something to do with the sun setting a lot sooner. IDK.. 

Anyway.. look at what came in today?

The Target Beauty Bags! 

 You can see my full post with the contents of this freebie right here!! It was nice getting them in today! I am sending one off to a friend.. and the others are for me! I love that my entire family has a facebook page that i can use for more freebies! 

I ran around all day long.. which included picking Brandon up from work. On the way back, Jackson wanted to spend some of his birthday money in the game shop. I can't believe after my - days - of complaining about the xbox I was in the store shopping with the boys. 

Jackson loved it.. 

as did Brandon. 

We finally got home.. I got a 15 minute break and then I had to go get cat and dog food and I also needed to pick up something fast. 

  I suggested Pasta to husby because it was national pasta day.. Seriously.. did you know that even existed? I love pasta but didn't know it had its own official holiday. 

I also got some of this premade Texas Toast to have with it. 

I tossed the lasagna in the oven and made a quick salad and dinner was served..

super easy and that's what it needed to be tonight. Scott was really tired. So we both laid up in the living rom watching Greys Anatony.Brandon played his game and Jackson did his homework and took the rest of the night to relax. For Jackson lights go out at 930. And sometimes I think that's too late. 

I managed to slip in the bath and it felt amazing. The best part of my day. Seriously. it was really nice and now I am snuggled up in bed getting ready to go to sleep. Its been a very long day and I need some rest! 

I have a little shopping to do tomorrow but I should be home most of the day! Yea!!


K Jaggers
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