Thursday, October 25, 2012

* Life is always messy and complicated.. Why is that? I guess we all get so invested in what is happening that maybe we are too close to actually see what is really important. * 

* Husby came home tired and grumpy. He's having a hard time at work and I really feel bad for him. He use to be so happy to go to the dealership.. why does it have to be so hard for him right now?? He's such a hard worker and I wish others could understand his love and devotion to the auto industry. * 

* My day sucked too. I felt like shit from start to finish.. why do crazy bad days always happen in pairs or 3's ? * 

* Jackson did great at school today but to punish Jackson they decided to punish me with the long car riders wait in the school parking lot. I now understand why people get there so early.. BUT.. I pulled up 10 minutes before school was out and went to the office and had them get him. No waiting for me today. * 

* I wonder how I got such an amazing daughter? She told me tonight that she is the one the other cheerleaders toss in the air. WHAT!? She is so much adventurous than I ever was. It must be nice to be that free. * 

* Why does a toothache hurt so badly? Last night it woke me up. I have yet to go to the dentist but its about time I get my ass in that chair and get some help but why is that so scary to me?? All those metal tools in my mouth just make me cringe. * 

* Can someone please tell me why grown men have such a fascination with video games? Guess what.. this topic started another argument in our home tonight. After last night I thought it would be a pretty calm night without the xbox.. yet husby thought he was going to play that stupid box again tonight... instead of doing family time. Yep.. that didn't happen.. but my family night didn't happen either.. Disappointing . but there was no way two grumps was going to get along tonight around here. * 

* Why is it that I always forget to buy wine when I am out? Maybe that has something to do with living in a dry town. Hummmm.. it would really be nice right now to be sipping on some moscato. *

* I don't know what happened but it seems some little alien came down to planet earth to just play on my phone and change all the settings. I don't know what happened but my phone is all changed up and I didn't do anything to it. S-T-R-A-N-G-E * 

* I seriously don't know how I ended up with a great husband ( most nights ) but who doesn't eat pasta?? I seriously don't know one person who doesn't like pasta!! But leave it to me to marry a guy who really doesn't like it.. but he does manage to eat when I serve it up..but basically covers it with a ton of cheese! * 

* Wonder why I keep dreaming of elephants?? I am going to take it that maybe its time to go on a long safari! * 

* I wonder how many other women get as frustrated as I do when growing out a bob? I hate this stage of  my hair... but hey.. at least I have hair right!? * 

* I was wondering tonight when making dinner.. how many people still use potato mashers?? I love mine but I wonder how many kitchens have one? Just a thought?? * 

* I wonder why my son just got a new laptop and was trying to talk me out of mine today.. Ummmm.. NO.. You have your own computer now! * 

* Our neighbor was dying to know what happened with Jackson over his birthday that he knocked on the door today to bring Jackson some cookies. I asked what they were for... he said he thought he had a bad day. I guess private talks on the front porch are not so private.. but thanks Mr. Mike.. we loved the cookies and Jackson really likes you a lot! *

* Speaking of private conversations.. I wonder how hard it was for my grandparents and mom to have private conversations with kids running around. I think that is one of the hardest parts of having kids in the house.. we have no privacy for private talks.. somethings should just be between husband and wife and around here thats pretty impossible. and I don't like it.. Any suggestions short of sitting in the car? * 

* Anyone else ready for this election to get over with? I support our President.. and I am hoping and praying I am going to have a BIG .. I TOLD YOU SO MOMENT! * 

* And what about that clown Donald Trump. Oh my.. I don't even know where to start except by saying.. he is a moron who shouldn't be allowed on tv.. shit.. I don't even think he should be allowed in the country with his views.. Load him up.. with Newt Gingrich and drop them off via parachute over South Africa.. Wonder how long they would last?? Ohhh.. wishing my ex husband could be on that plane ride too! I know.. not too nice but thats just my mood tonight! * 

* Tonight in the mist of Scott and Brandon coming home, I realized I hadn't seen Gabby in a while.. I went nuts looking for her and she was outside. As soon as I called her name, she came running.. I don't think she is a cat.. I really don't. She's just way to smart to be an animal. I don't know what I would have done if I couldn't find her. I am still wondering how she got out to begin with. But thankfully she is right here beside of me. * 

* My mom has really took off with her blog. I love that she is snapping picture after picture sharing some great recipes and posts with the world to see.. But she is totally OBSESSED with her little flag counter gadget. OBSESSED! She loves getting new flags! You can find her link at the top of the blog and also in the side bar.. stop by and say hi! * 

* Tomorrow is already here and I need to pay some bills tomorrow and maybe run some errands. But I am not sure any of that is going to happen. I am really just wanting a day at home with no expectations  Just taking the day moment by moment. Wonder if that will be tomorrow or not! * 

* My plan for tomorrow is giving my husband the silent treatment all day long! Yep.. I am plotting it out.. however I can rarely go an hour without hearing his voice.  I don't know how I am going to accomplish this mission but I am going to try! I am still mad at him over that silly xbox. But I am sure by the end of the day we will be laughing! * 

Well you got all the thoughts flowing around in my head.... so now I am sure I will be dreaming of elephants.. again! 

Hope you guys have a great Thursday! 


K Jaggers

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  1. You sound like me with a million things going through my head all at once! Listing them is great! But why must you choose South Africa for Trump?? I SCREAM NO!! Remember you have a loyal follower here in SA and that would be enough to disengage! Put him in the Antartic where he can bother no current or future bloggers!

  2. @ Shana - Your right the Arctic would be better! I didn't want to say it but I was thinking of them being dropped off in the middle of no where... and maybe encounter a big lion or tiger! I just didn't want to be that mean spirited. but I wouldn't mind one bit if they just disappeared for good! =)


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