Not as Expected..

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Its been a crazy day around here. C-R-A-Z-Y.  First I will say.. I had a vision of Jackson's Birthday and it wasn't what today was. It was very disappointing. =( 

First off, most of Jackson's gifts were all in my bedroom and this morning he confused his birthday with Christmas and pretty much tore into his gifts earrrrrrly. 

 At that point I pretty much went along with it. He got his new laptop, fish tank, skateboard and many different gift cards from family members.. 

Then husby helped get his fish tank set up.. 

And about that time guess what happened??

The vice principle called. I thought it was just because he was out of school.. even though I sent a note in. Nope.. It was something else. 

On the bus yesterday another kid had a pocket knife that he was showing around. Jackson liked it.. and offered to trade his DS for the knife.. so the kid handed Jackson the knife.. and he came home. However, he made up a lie yesterday saying he found the knife.. I guess, knowing he would be in trouble for the trade. So the vice principle told me both boys were suspended from the bus for a day. She said when the knife was put in Jacksons hand that became a felony and she could have expelled him from school. What happened is Jackson had the knife.. forgot that he wasn't going to school today and the other kid got upset he didn't get the D.S. today... and went to the principle. So on this freaking birthday.. he had to take the knife back to school and got into trouble not telling the truth. I was so upset that this was happening on his birthday. Scott and his dad both gave him an earful.. and it really put a damper on the festivities.. and Scott had made Jackson a deal.. that if he tried to return the knife to the right person.. then he would go out and get him a new Swiss army knife. And he got that knife today and had gave it to Jackson.. Woooooo... not a good moment. He took the knife back that he gave him... put it up .. for now.. and we did our best to go on with the day. But I won't lie.. this took up a big part of the day. It was not easy.. but Jackson understood that when he accepted the knife and put it in his hand.. that was in fact wrong. And to trade a DS for a crappy little pocket knife was wrong too. He now fully understands he is going to be trading anything. 

I can't believe this went down on his birthday. It was sad.. I even cried in the bedroom with Scott. It was complicated...and it wouldn't have been so bad if wasn't his birthday. Again.. not the way I envisioned the day. 

But.. the computer tech guy came in the mist of everything.. 

sat down with my laptop.. popped out my keyboard....popped in a new one and was back out the door in 10 minutes. I was shocked! 

Jackson shook off the events of the day and had some time with Jackson playing football out in the yard. That helped.  a lot. 

I took those moments and went out an finished getting things needed for dinner.

Shopping seemed like a mini vacation from my day. 

Jackson did get his requested dinner.. 

Cheeseburger and tator tots. 

You can tell from the picture it was a hard day.. but it all seemed to change when he 

blew out his candles. I still can't believe how the day unfolded.. 

However.. check out how the fish tank looks.. 

The little stand is at the end of the bunk beds and at night with the lights off this is how the tank looks at night from his pillow.. 

Is that not cool? I will have to do a video of it after its all set up. We still have a lot to do to the tank but he has 3 fish in it.. We wanted to get the water right before buying more fish so on Thursday we will be going out shopping for fish. Another part of his birthday gift.. maybe that will be a happier time! 

Then to top things off... Brandon gets a new xbox game. 

Have I mentioned how much I hate xbox? I don't like it and I seriously don't like it on the main tv either. Well I thought since it was Jackson's game system he should be able to play the 2nd game.. Brandon went first because it was his game. But it didn't work out that way.. husby grabbed the controller.  Well I wasn't too happy about that but I didn't want to raise hell in front of Jackson and Brandon ... the day already sucked you know.. Well I decide to send a couple text messages to Scott... and they were not so nice.. GUESS WHAT? I sent a mass text message to everyone I sent the new kitty picture to. Yep.. How crazy was that.. My phone started ringing IMMEDIATELY from a bunch of people wanting to know what the hell was going on. I don't really have a problem with anyone playing video games but I thought the big boys were leaving out the littlest boy. I didn't like it either. But my damn smart phone made me look really stupid tonight. I hated that what should have been a private conversation between my husband and I went live to a lot of people. However, the support I got when the phone started ringing was amazing. I love you guys. 

And then I thought I would be nice and let the big boys have the living room all night to play on that silly box and I come downstairs and they are watching a freaking movie. WTF? I didn't like that much either but I kept calm about it and decided to just let it go.. BUT.. I am moving that silly box to another room tomorrow and not have it on the main tv. Nope.. its getting moved. 

So as you can see my day totally sucked. Jackson's birthday was nothing like what I had visioned but I guess I just have to shake it off and move on to the next day. I think Jackson understands that he messed up.. and tomorrow I have to go pick him up. Life comes with so many twists and turns... and today it turned out to be a day I did not expect it to be. 

So I am going to bed.. shaking off this day.. and going on into tomorrow hoping it will be better. 

Sweet Dreams

K Jaggers
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  1. Hi there! I just found you via the Followers to Friends blog hop. Oh well shame Jackson's birthday didn't turn out as you planned but you did your best and that's the main thing. Join me for a cocktail any time

  2. Sorry it was such a long day for Jackson. At least it seemed to end well.

    Schools now a days are a mess and a half.I get reminded all the time why I'm glad we homeschool.


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