Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Good Morning! I hope you all are ready for Halloween! Jackson is having a little party at school today but things won't really get going till around evening here. Then the dog will have to be put up and the scary little kids will show up!

I might have to run out to the market today and pick up the forgotten items. I sure don't want to go but I haven't been feeling good and I need to actually pick up some meds. I called the Dr. and just have to go pick up my prescriptions. Since I don't feel that good and hate the cold.. husby is on Halloween Duty this year! He is going to walk around with Jackson and I am handing out candy at home. Our divide and conquer should work out pretty well!  

The planner giveaway ends tonight at the stoke of midnight! Please get entered for a chance to win all this.. 

I can't wait to see who wins it! 

The high is only suppose to be 54.. so its going to be another cold day. YUCK! 

Anyway, I wish you a great Halloween! 


K Jaggers
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