From the Jaggers Family Kitchen: Pulled Pork Stuffed Potatoes

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Last night I decided to make a pulled pork stuffed baked potato. YEP!! I normally have these at the fairs but I decided that I would just do it myself at home!!!

If you want to see my entire haul including the kind of pork roast I bought.. feel free to watch my weekend food haul video.. 

I took the pork roast

and cooked it in a big pot of water. This is the fastest way of cooking took me less than a hour to cook a pretty big pork roast. I didn't add anything to it. The BBQ sauce will give it all the flavor it needs!

While that was cooking away I got ready with the baked potatoes..

I gave them a good scrub.. 

I sprayed them with crisco spray and grinded some sea salt over the skins. 

Into a 425 degree oven.. 

It took them about an hour & 1/2 to bake..

Once the pork had cooked and cooled enough where I could handle it..  I shreaded 1/2 of it.. ( which was a lot ) and added it to a deep cast iron skillet. 

I added 1/2 a bottle of my favorite BBQ Sauce 

and let it warm on the stove on low.. 

while I got the baked potatoes ready.. 

all I did was add some butter! 

and top it with the bbq.. 

I served it up with green beans and Kings Hawaiian bread.. 

It was amazing! Everyone cleared their plates last night.. so it was a big hit!!

Super easy to make..and super easy to Enjoy! 

Happy Weekend! 

K Jaggers

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