Friday Letters

Friday, October 26, 2012

Dear Sony Tech Guy, THANK YOU so much. You totally rocked in the way you breezed in and out in under 10 minutes. Amazing customer service! Dear Scott, I am sorry for flipping out about the video games. I just don't have the patience for them.. and I miss you a lot. When you are home I want to be together. We all miss you. Dear Jackson, You sure had an unforgettable birthday. Sorry it didn't turn out as expected. But we love you very much and I am so happy to have you bouncing around the house. Dear Ann Romney, I watched you on Rachel Ray yesterday and I was surprised that it was the first interview that I liked. I won't be saying that again.. but I did find you very personable. Dear Warmer Weather, I won't lie.. the warmer days have been nice. The truth of the matter is.. I love fall.. winter is pretty but I am a tropical girl.. and always have been! Dear Gypsy, Glad you are getting use to things. Its so fun to watch you hop around the house and play! Dear Family & Friends who sent Jackson Birthday Gifts, Thank you so much. Jackson loved all his gifts and he will be sending out thank you letters very soon. I think its important to teach thankfulness early... so he is writing them himself. Keep an eye on your mail.. they will be showing up soon! Dear Brittany, I loooove you! Wishing you were here every minute of the day! Dear Horoscope, I am still socked every time I check you out how accurate you really are. How is that even possible? Its crazy.. but so often its right one point. Dear Mail Woman, I seriously HATE you blowing your horn early in the morning.. Why can't you just leave the packages on the front porch. Maybe a sign will help. The dog goes nuts.. I get scared.. and it could all be avoided if you quietly put the packages on the porch! Dear Romeo, You still are the coolest cat in the house but your late night meowing is getting a little old. You are about to meet the squirt bottle if you keep it up...And you need to be easier with the kitten! Dear Laundry.. YOU SUCK.. YOU SUCK..YOU SUCK.. I am sick of doing laundry. This is one of the many reasons for maybe hiring some help. Its awful to try to keep up with it. 

Hope you are having a great Friday! 


K Jaggers
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