Draining Saturday.

Sunday, October 28, 2012


I don't know what was wrong with me today. I just felt tired and lazy most of the day. I pretty much stayed in my pjs all day long. It was ok though.. I did mange to get some things done but on a whole.. it sure felt like a lazy day. I only went outside 1 time and that was to get the mail. Its been kinda cool tonight and I just snuggled up with a blanket and called it a day. I kept busy with emails, facebook, and blogging even when I was sitting around. 

And I made my mom a facebook page and added it to her blog! You can find it here...and I know she would love it if you stopped by and say hi! I love that she is blogging! Its fun.. and she seems to really like it! Speaking of mom, she is all dressed up and at a Halloween Party!

Don and her are dressed up in the Mad Hatter Costumes! Love it.. They both look amazing! 

I also worked on the dreaded laundry..


I started on it late and don't have much of it done yet. But I did pick up the laundry room and made it all nice and neat to work in and all the dirty clothes are out in the hallway.. and it doesn't look too nice either. In fact, the house is rather a mess. It really is. I think Scott and I both are going to work around here getting it cleaned up. Theres so much to do in a house of this size. I wonder if it would be easier if it wasn't so big. I love the size but it takes a lot to get it cleaned and even more work keeping it clean. Jackson and Scott are messy.. and we have a lot of stuff. 

Even in my very comfy pjs I got into the kitchen and made a .. 

Very Fall Dinner

I roasted up 2 turkey breast...


The one with the orange was the turkey breast that marinated in the apple cider brine and the other turkey just has some salt, pepper, garlic and a couple fresh sage leafs tucked into it. 

I also made 

roasted butternut squash with brown butter and fried sage leaves ( let me just tell you now the fried sage leaves are soooo freaking amazing.. who would have thought?? ) and I also made some sauteed spinach. 

I also made some 

cracked cranberry's - made from fresh cranberries - which was also AMAZING..

And dinner was served! 

I knew it would be a challenge to my boys not having mashed potatoes and stuffing but they all did pretty good with dinner.. 

I really loved it! I have a big post coming up tomorrow too! 

After dinner I let the boys have the living room to play video games and I sneaked off to a long bath... I have had this candle going in my bathroom for days now.. 

It really smells like fall and burns slow. My bath and bedroom smell so nice. 

It wasn't long before I was all cuddled up in bed...I went from one set of pjs to another... and 

Jackson had a fun time cuddling too!!.. as did 

Romeo! He is such a diva cat... even though hes male.. Hes freaking awesome! 

I just finished getting things ready for brunch tomorrow. I am making 

the cinnamon roll waffles that I showed you 

right here... I think the boys will love this.. and I think it will be pretty easy for a Sunday Late Morning! 

So did you check out the new giveaway?? 

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Ohhh.. what do you guys think of the new header picture!? I wanted something a little different! Hope you like as much as I do.. and I think as the seasons change.. I might change up some of the pictures! But It doesn't take as much room as that one big picture I use to have up! 

Well its late.. I need to try to get some rest. I am going to try to get this house cleaned up tomorrow but I know its going to be a slow start! I felt so drained today. I poked through the house as slow as a turtle but I still managed to get a lot of stuff done. Sadly.. its just a drop in the hat to what needs to get done in the coming days!

Hope you have a beautiful Sunday! 

K Jaggers

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