Coffee Talk # 7

Thursday, October 25, 2012

1. What is in your playlist?
 I have a lot on playlist.. everything from Brittany Spears, Mariah Carey, Pink, Train, Phil Collins, Michael Jackson, Michael Buble, Bonjovi, Eminem, many to list! 

2. What is the funniest YouTube video you always go to when you need a laugh (or if you just wanna watch it)?

I don't really watch youtube videos for a laugh! I watch a ton of make up gurus though.. and I watch them every night while I am taking a bath! 

3. Favorite song in the whole wide world that you never get sick of and it's on repeat.

4. Do you have any embarrassing songs/singers/bands that you like?

No not really! If I like them.. its not embarrasing! 

5. What's that ONE song that ALWAYS makes you cry?

6. What song have you recently heard, that you can't seem to get out of your head?

I heard this song in the car the other day and now its stuck on repeat in my head! 

Hope you have a great Thursday!

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2 comments on "Coffee Talk # 7"
  1. I love that song from Phil Colins!! He's the best!!

    And that song from Eric Clapton makes me cry too! It's about his son :(

    Thanks for linking up with me!!

  2. Well, if you've got to have a Mariah Carey song stuck in your head, "Obsessed" is a pretty good one.


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