Beautiful Day!!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

It is such a beautiful day around here. We are having the most beautiful fall day ever! Right now I am taking a quick break before starting to clean upstairs.. Husby is pitching in and trying to help clean up the first floor for me. I will be very honest.. I hate other people cleaning up the house because I do things in a certain way and hate it when others do it differently. But today I am keeping mum and letting husby help and being grateful for what cleaning he does do. I can hear him banging around in the kitchen right now.. Grrrrrr.. husby in the kitchen means I will be searching for gadgets and knifes all week!!! He doesn't ever put anything back where it goes.. but again.. I am keeping mum ( at least to him I am!  ) and letting him do this thing.. Ohh.. I will say this.. last time he got on one of his cleaning sprees... he broke 2 of my new glass canister sets.. and looks at me with his big brown eyes and swear to me he had no idea how it happened!! Hummmm.... I know how it happened and I know you did it Mr. Jaggers!!!!

The boys have been downstairs all day planning video games. Jackson is out playing with one of his little friends. Too bad he isn't home when its time to start cleaning up around here! Shoot.. maybe I should run off too for a few hours! =) Our house is pretty good size.. 3 full bathrooms..4 bedrooms.. and we have a lot of stuff. Plus 3 boys are not so easy to clean up after. So very thankful today for the help! I am about to go to all the beds and change the sheets. My arms are going to be exhausted after making that many beds! 

I am not cooking tonight.. I am warming up left overs but thats all. I plan on doing some cleaning and doing it at my own pace. Last night when I hit the bed.. I was exhausted. Really exhausted.. yet I didn't fall to sleep till after 4am. I really need to try to get to sleep earlier. I didn't make the cinnamon waffles for brunch so I am going to make them at dinner and that can be an option too. I love these kinds dinners.. Lots of different options and everyone can make up their own minds. Easy Easy! 

Hope you are having a beautiful afternoon!

I'll be back later tonight!


K Jaggers

3 comments on "Beautiful Day!!"
  1. OMG, is that your real cat on the pumpkin?!?!? So cute! It has the same expression as my cat...pissy :)

    Thanks for linking up with Super Sunday Sync! Hope to see you next week!

  2. I'm your your newest follower. Your blog name is awesome.

    Thanks for hosting!

  3. @ Dawn.. Yes.. thats our really crazy little cat Gypsy! Shes a handful but so cute!
    @ Scent Swag.. Thanks so much!


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