10 Basic Principles of Kabbalah

Thursday, November 17, 2011

I get questions all the time about Kabbalah. Yes, it's what I choose to try to study and learn more about. It is a ancient Jewish region that seems to make most sense to me. I don't try to force it on anyone. I do get lots of emails wanting information about it and I think I should start with this. 


1. There exists an Infinite Force that is the source of everything in existence. Some call this God. The Kabbalists call this the Ohr Ein Sof - which means - Endless Light.

2. Every thing in existence is here to be a vehicle for mankind to fulfill its purpose. Inanimate objects, plants, animals, stars and galaxies are all here just to serve the purpose of Creation.

3. The purpose of mankind is to become one with the Infinite Force. That's why we're here. That's what were suppose to be doing. That's what the soul desires. All of our fulfillment comes from connecting to the light.

4. The way to become one with the Infinite Force is to engage in a process of transformation while in this world, amidst a sea of temptations and challenges. Every situation in life is a spiritual challenge for many reasons.

5. All mankind is interwoven and interdependent in a spiritual sense. We are all one. In order to become one with the Infinite, you must care about humanity.

6. Everything that exists, exists within man. Man is a microcosm of all creation or as some call it, a " holographic universe. " This is part of being created in the " image of the Divine ."

7. There is a physical realm, which is where we exist and there is a spiritual realm with which we are unknowingly interact, constantly. And every molecule of existence has a spiritual counterpart that is connected to.

8. Our problems and challenges are actually responses from the spiritual realm, based on our thoughts, speech, and actions that are specifically designed for our spiritual growth.

9. History is traveling towards a predetermined destiny. The Infinite Force is designed our time of struggle to end by a certain period of date, and conclude the test.

10. A place has been designed that allows mankind to experience the Infinite Force called the Upper Worlds. That's where those who fulfill their purpose go after death. Each person will experience the Infinite Force in a way and to the extent that the person became one with the Infinite while alive. Likewise, our transformation which is the purpose of creation unites the physical and spiritual realm allowing us to bring an end to death and infinite Light and Fulfillment here on earth.

This is the true meaning of the phrase " heaven on earth."

So there you have it.. The 10 basic beliefs in Kabbalah. What do you think?? Do you agree or not?

If you want more information feel free to email me. From all the emails already, I know this is a subject many many of you want to talk about. With that said, I will work harder on getting more Kabbalah post up!

K Jaggers

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  1. thanks kisha, iv had some experiences that i couldn't explain and this has helped greatly. I'm after more infomation regarding the hidden daath in the tree of life, if you can help you can contact me via keithashton73@gmail.com. x


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